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grass protectors and ground protection

many event locations do not have suitable car parking or the preferred location is uneven or simply, too precious to allow vehicles to park upon it. perhaps you have already muddy or unsurfaced foot paths that with more foot traffic or inclement weather will develop into a quagmire. we can help! our ground protection mats are heat and cold proof, sturdy, durable and blend in superbly with their surroundings. whether it is a full event traffic drive you need or simply an access way, our ground protection covers are ideal.

each high density polyethylene mat comes in standard sheets of 2,440mm x 1,130mm (8 x 4) weighing 36kgs. our light weight mat means that each is easily moved, loaded, unloaded or stacked with the convenient hand holes. our mats have a weight bearing limit of up to 20 tonnes, this is based upon a level and relatively hard surface. this weight bearing limit goes down when putting over uneven or boggy ground. all our mats are delivered clean and placed in situ and then removed and cleaned as part of our service.