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do you have an event or product launch and require various features, services and supplies?

we are the uk’s leading event supply company providing a comprehensive, synergised, coordinated approach to your event requirements giving you a supply partner you can rely upon. with our wealth of experience and proven track record of delivery, we are able to source anything, anywhere, on time and to specification. from a micro chauffeuring service, where you can order one car, of any type, for no minimum period, to a micro security service, offering trained and certificated personnel, from the minimum level of competency to full close protection. from valet parking, with IAM driving qualified drivers if required to traffic and taxi marshals, arranging traffic and taxi flows, to cloakroom valets, including all the necessary equipment and all in between including flowers, digital radios and outside broadcast systems and bell boys and girls as just an example..

we are able to provide supplies, logistical support and features for small intimate weddings to larger, vip events and productions.

how does it work?

what ever your requirement is, we can get it arranged for you. we will arrange for your requirement to be ready on time and in situ, ready for your event. we can organise swiftly and indeed within 24 hours if you require. we can cater for any event requirement.

do you have a vip event? offer a VIP service for discreet operation and management of security sensitive guests. we provide NDA’s, CA’s or SA’s where required or can accept similar documents offered to ensure client confidentiality.

call or email us for a free quotation. if you have an emergency requirement within 24 hours or sooner, email us here

area's we cover

we are the premier UK dedicated, premium, bespoke event supply company, covering London, the rest of the UK and europe.