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guests transport, such as shuttles or golf carts

sometimes, due to the event's location or the venue itself, valet parking is not possible or indeed needed, but in view of the distance between the car park and the actual venue, shuttles or some form of transport are needed to move guests conveniently and in comfort to the event. our shuttles and buggy transports allow for this smooth movement of guests. configurations can be chosen to suit all needs and all events and can be optioned in multiple forms. our shuttles are usually mercedes v class vehicles, brand new or nearly new and always fully valeted before being on site. they can be specified in black and white at no extra cost with specific colours being available at extra cost. all shuttles include, within the price a fully qualified driver for the duration of the event. all buggies are also provided fully valeted before use, include fuel and a driver as standard and can be had in multiple seat formats.

all our options are delivered clean and placed in situ and then removed and cleaned as part of our service. for extra/large/special orders we do need 14 days notice, or short notice delivery can be made at extra cost