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our optional extra services

we offer a wide variety of standard optional extras to help make your event of venue, proceed smoothly and efficiently. however if there is something not mentioned on this section, we would be very happy to get the item, product or service for you. please contact us on

  • security
  • we are able to offer a range of security services for any and all events. from small intimate gatherings to large national events, we can provide a large variety of authorised and trained security personnel.

  • traffic marshalling
  • every event, be that a dinner party, wedding or public show needs traffic to flow efficiently and smoothly. it is so important to ensure that guests and visitors get in and out, as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. our professional, experienced and proven traffic marshalling service does just that.

  • uneven, wet, valuable ground covers
  • few venues have sufficient space for large numbers of cars, never mind suitable parking areas. with frequent rain and treasured areas of grass needing to be protected we offer ground coverage mats to create anything from a pathway to a fully functioning temporary road, capable of taking cars and trucks. feel free to email us for details

  • guests waiting area seating, heaters and cold comfort rugs
  • sometimes, it is necessary for arriving and departing guests to wait for transport to and from the venue. this may mean that are exposed to the elements. we have a image of seating, heating and warming along with cooling for the summer, optional extras to ensure that wait is as pleasant and enjoyable as the event itself.

  • additional and bespoke umbrellas
  • we provide as standard for all events, 4 black wooden/golf umbrellas, however if you require more or if you require colour coded (such as white for a wedding) we can provide any number from 10 to 500. feel free to email us for details

  • hostess services
  • in addition to cloakroom valets, we can also supply hostesses or hosts, to greet guests inside or outside the venue or at a desired location and hostesses or hosts to serve drinks or handle guests management. feel free to email us for details

  • cloakroom services
  • our cloakroom services are complete, incluing strong sturdy racking, wooden hangers, bespoke numbered premium tickets and uniformed cloakroom valets to ensure organised and efficient storage of guests property.

  • guests transport, such as shuttles or golf carts
  • sometimes, the available parking and the venue are some distance and so we offer a optional shuttle facility, using either VW Tranporter shuttles or Mercedes V Class vehicles for guests or if preferred golf carts for on site transport. feel free to email us for details